musings 021206

…the worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t have them…
2 Responses to “musings 021206”
  1. b says:

    ouch ouch! hehehe… happy valentines my dearest hottest favoritest sister! wag na ikaw lungkot, mamatay lahat ng may ka-date ngayon!!!!! die!!!! joke lang! hehehe…
    oist! yung pix ng birthday at promotion mo, ipost mo na d2. saka yung sa camfone of one of ur friendly friends. =)
    UP Fair ngayong week, wanna come? magpapa-henna tattoo, wall climbing, and lovers-klilling spree kami. now i know you do wanna come!
    musta buhay QC? penge namang pera jan! my dough is disappearing faster than you can say "allowance". weheheheh… di nga seriously…. *wenk wenk*
    hinay hinay lang ha? baka mangayayat ka nyan! ;-D
    rock on!

  2. b says:

    PS. better interface huh? try adding a guest book para mas masaya! =)

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