Stop and smell the roses?

Sorry, too busy to do so.


I’m in this phase when I hardly notice a day going by. It’s scary because I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot. I may see my friends almost everyday, but things do not actually register. Everything passes by me in a blur. When I see them the next day (or is the next week?), it seems like their hair is longer, or they are wearing a new shirt, or sporting a new look.


I’m happy with what I’m doing, though. It’s been quite a while when I felt needed and depended on. This amount of responsibility I’m juggling with has not been laid on me for almost a year now. I’m glad to keep my neurons healthily racing about. (They actually haven’t kept up with the pace… but they’ll get there.)


It is fulfilling to see the people I guide imbibe what was taught to them and ultimately increase their stats. My heart swells when I know I was able to share useful information with one and the person goes happily about, sharing the knowledge with others.


However, I’ve been getting the tremors of this new job as well. Events of the day over-spill into my dreams, manifesting as nightmares. A week ago I woke up sweating after dreaming that I forgot to upload some quality monitors. This afternoon, I wasn’t able to get enough sleep after giving a friend of mine a Fatal on not attaching KC articles, even if the session was handled almost perfectly. Going by-the-book in this case meant a lot of tossing and turning in bed and silently cursing the air around me.


As of now, every new day brings a hoard of new things to be learned and a stockpile of experience to be written in the pages of mystory.



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