I am not happy.


I am very frustrated with my job. I am very frustrated with the company I work for. I hate their policies. I hate the way they treat us employees.


Before entering the company, they have warned us about schedules that perpetually change. That was just fine with us. We knew that to work in this line of business meant sacrificing our time and being at the mercy of the company to set our schedules… even if it meant going to work in the wee hours of the morning.


Nothing prepared us for the rigidity and merciless policies and schedules that greeted us on the first day we set foot on the production floor.


We went through six weeks of training, having the time our lives. Like a convict sentenced to the death penalty, we should have realized that was to be the last of our joyous days together as a batch. We should have seen the demise of our social lives looming over the horizon.


We knew we would be doing phone support work. After one and a half weeks of accent training, it was announced that we shall be the first batch to handle chat support. We were ecstatic.


We were all excited to go on the floor and prove to this company that this first batch of chat support agents they have hired has got what it takes to rise from the ranks. I was one of the few lucky trainees among our batch who got offered to choose what queue I would like to be in. I selected the queue which was supposed to pay more and would give me more exposure for better chances of career advancements, as I have been informed.


Things started going downhill after Academy Bay. We were expecting to be trained more on the chat support medium. We hardly had any training lessons, just simple typing exercises. That lasted for about a week. The management informed us that we will be temporarily transferred to do phone support since the launch of chat support was postponed to the first week of September.


After going through three harrowing weeks of phone support work, the prospect of being placed back as chat agents was growing bleak. We didn’t know whether we are being monitored, if we are doing a good job or otherwise, nor if the planned chat support medium will still push through or if we will get stuck in phone support forever. We have conditioned ourselves to the fact that we were not going to be phone calls but chat sessions only. If indeed we were to get any phone calls, it will be very minimal.


Doing phone support was a light year away from minimal. It was hell. I thought I could no longer go on with the job. A lot of us did. Some even quit.


Our anticipation for being transferred back to chat training or support quickly turned into frustration. Everyone wanted out. Even by the last few days of August, we didn’t know whether the launch of chat support will push thru. All we could do was wait.


The first week of September came. Right at the time when we no longer wanted to expect being brought back to our intended medium, we were then transferred to chat support. We started building up hopes that things would turn out better from there. Well, it did for about a month… but then we had to put up with terrible work schedules.


During my first week as a chat agent, I had to go to work at 3:00 AM on Tuesday, 12 midnight on Wednesday, 10:00 PM on Thursday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday I had off. Talk about a biological clock. I had to have mine disabled! Anything, as long as I don’t do phone calls.


When things were starting to look good despite the crappy schedule, the management had to ruffle our feathers once more. They announced a reshuffling of teams. We all were to be assigned to new Team Managers.


Two major changes will be implemented as well:


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