Is the one-way street I am on starting to open to opposing traffic? I’m seeing some road signs being put up… or, it could just be my imagination. Too soon to tell. Things are a bit too shaky as of the moment. All I’m hoping for are things staying the way they are until I am ready to travel that kind of thoroughfare. I’ll be an accident waiting to happen if I don’t prepare myself for the trip.
However, if indeed this is truly what is happening as of the moment, then I have two options:
A. Find a detour… avoid the flow.
B. Cruise head-on… and maybe experience the best, or worst ride of my life.

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  1. nothing dared, nothing gained… so it\’s a street, free-flowing two-way or stagnant traffic jam (if there ever was one)…but if you just stand there, you\’ll get run over anyway. so get your cute cheeks moving. meow!ps: the detour is so road runner deja vu. he\’s the smartest guy i know on tv, and wily coyote never got him to try those uncertain detours… (though you\’ve gotta give it to wily coyote… that snout\’s truly a medical miracle!)

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