Pixel’s petals picked…

It’s a sad day once more for the Pixel batch of MSN TS Level 2…
I have always been proud of the close bond our Pixel batch has. But changes are inevitable and eventually, goodbyes have to be said. Close friends of ours have parted ways from RMH and possibly sought greener pastures. They shall be truly missed.
Monski & Walter
Our funny, raucous and closely-knit group started to diminish in number when Monski and Walter were unexpectedly taken out during our training days after failing the first-ever CAP exam to be disseminated among MSN TS trainees.
Monski. My dear friend who loves to play with my hair. Our guys used to jokingly say "Ang swerte ng bading." whenever they would see Monski becoming physically close to us girls.
Walter. Timid and shy(?). Never leaves the house without his poker face on. We used to tease him about answering open-ended questions with close-ended answers.
On that fateful day when these two were awaiting news if they will still be allowed to move on with us to Level 2 Product Training, I remember sitting on the parking lot hugging Monski’s right arm while Jo sat to his left. We were trying to comfort him, and hoping against hope that something could be done to still keep them with the team.
The next day, they no longer came to class.
Jose said "I will miss Walter. He’s my hotdog-mate.", referring to Walter and he going to Ministop every 15-minute break to get a hotdog.
He used to be Gino’s sparring partner… they complemented each other’s wit and humor… together, they added definition to Pixel.
Trained for the MSN Email & Messenger queues, TJ was separated from the larger MSN group trained for Client, Installation and Connectivity. Seeing him started to become scarce ever since L2 ProdTraining started. He was informed that he will be placed under the Email Support medium (not Phone or Chat media), and he became elated by this.
As news down the grapevine has it, he asked if he was going to be trained for Email Support during Academy Bay. Seems like the person he asked (you Pixel peeps know who) didn’t recognize him as one of the trainees for the said medium. If that was the case, then he will be placed back in phones.
Didn’t know he was pondering about leaving the company before that incident happened. Guess that was the last straw. He decided to say his final adieu and take up classes in Culinary Arts to enable him to put up a restaurant business. Good luck on that endeavor, TJ. We’re behind you 100%.
Luchie’s closest friend in our batch was undoubtedly Chay. Many of us didn’t know what plans she had. However, before Luchie left us, the only thing she told me was that she wanted to go to Italy and work at a call center there. Apparently, they pay big $$$ just for a good English speaker who could deal with customers’ issues. Wherever you are right now, girl, we miss you but c’est la vie.
The breath of fresh air when everyone has run out of one-liners to throw at each other. Mommy Chay can be simply described as the Silent *UMPH!*. She’s no wallflower. She knows how to brighten up the room by her unexpected jokes.
Even from the beginning, she treated being an MSN TS agent as a transition job while she waited for her papers that shall enable her to fly out of the country. We knew she would really have to leave us once September sets in. As expected, she said her goodbyes even before we got to formally start "chatting."
Being one of the wildest and loudest of the batch, Bernie’s loss has become a gapping hole in the Pixel family (quite literally). During training days, Chie, Bernie & I were the only girls from Pixel who would rush straight to the Lung Center of ELJ and enjoy a stick or two during breaks. Jo and Mhai, being out numbered, submitted themselves to taking in our 2nd hand smoke.
Sticking to her schedule became a problem. This started during A-Bay, then persisted ’til we got to the floor. It’s sad that she lost the motivation to come to work. We miss your company. Hope you are doing ok, wherever you are Bernz.
Another person who was supposed to be in this list is Tristan. Only today did it come to my knowledge that he hasn’t resigned, but only has taken a leave of absence for a month. This news has truly brightened my already bleak day.
Tristan underwent an operation to remove a lump that formed at the back of his head. A few days before he had to be confined in the hospital, he was talking to me and was asking for advise on what he should do: resign or apply for a leave.
I was close to tears just thinking about him leaving us too. I was torn between what to advise him to do. He admitted that leaving will be the outcome, sooner or later.
Thank God, you are still with the Pixel family, Tristan! We eagerly await your return. You may no longer have your "hot chick" hair, but we still love yah.
To all those who are truly no longer with us, don’t forget about the days we shared. Don’t forget to email, text, or call us. However abnormal our schedules may be, know that we’re here for you guys if you need us.

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  1. hello my dear sister.goodness, how much you\’ve done with yourself! i could barely keep up!i\’m in ur PC doing this, you better come home soon. i miss you! waaaah!!!!i just got accepted in the 23rd SEA Games hosting thing. i\’ll be assigned to Traditional Boat Race (3 days) and Rowing (4 days). the sports are all over the country, 25 of which are in Metro manila. SEA Games will be from Nov 27 to Dec 5. I\’ll be invisble on those days. shniff.got back from Mindoro. bad sunburn. baaaad! and thankfully, i wasn\’t washed to the open sea by the raging river. damn! we had to go AGAINST the current! and it was waist deep! ouch, i think my feet hurt all over again, just thinking about it. heheh.. you should hear our misadventures with that blasted river… how a carabao had to transport me across… etc.. heheh…hey, you\’re in tech support, right? why don\’t you help me change my email address to @msn? someone there must know how to go about it… come on! whee! like sister, like sister! <^_^> Jing\’s is MSN, so there.are you still playing ragna? i sometimes get mail that you topped up my acct. thank you *kiss and hug* sooooo much! but er, i couldn\’t play it here in you PC. firewall thingamajig. shniff. neither SIMS 2. come to think of it, your interface DID improve! video card tweaking or something?and how did you make the CSS of this blog, so, uh, Daimos-y?is this your first blog? if get hooked, you could try blogspot. Now that\’s a serious blogging experience. i have over 130 posts so far since Jan 2003. hihihi… don\’t ask.isn\’t this weird? we\’re communicating a lot more through email than text and phone or visit. damn! i hate it when we\’re older! and will you pls reply?! it\’s as if you\’ve forgotten you have a sister existing! *drama queen mode: on*so, tell me: will you be available on Nov 16? because i don\’t know if i should get you HP 4 tickets at G4 or some Ayala cinema. it\’s my bday gift for you… comfort for your impending quarter-life crisis! hahahah! gotcha!so, should we start celebrating? <^_^>cheerio!

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